Temperature chemo

My partner has terminal cancer but is undergoing chemo to control .  He is temporarily in a hospice for pain management but is due for chemo   My concern is they won't be able to keep his temperature above 34 degrees as hot water bottles are not allowed and he is in a large room 

  • Dear Jayce,

    Thank you for getting in touch. Welcome to the Online Community. I am sure you will find some good support here.

    I can’t imagine how worried you must be if you partner is in hospice for pain control.

    It’s unclear if you partner is struggling to maintain his body temperature just now. I am wondering if this is due to his treatment? It’s important that his treatment team are made aware of this. They may want to review his chemotherapy regime to ensure he is fit enough to have the treatment.  

    As your partner is in the hospice I am wondering if you have spoken to them about your partners needs. As part of his admission they should have done a holistic assessment. This allows them to plan the care that your partner is to receive.

    Whilst he is in the hospice they may give him extra blankets, or heat packs and adjust the room temperature. It’s best to speak to the hospice as they can reassure what they can do to maintain your partners body temperature.  

    I am wondering what support you have Jayce? It can sometimes be helpful to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Please don’t hesitate to call us, we can give you some emotional support and give you the opportunity to talk things through. You may also find some good support on our family and friends forum.

    I hope you have found the information helpful. Don’t hesitate to get back in touch if there is anything else we can support you with.

    Best wishes and take care,
    Cancer Information Nurse Specialist