Hi, I had a fibroadenoma with dcis and have needed 2 surgerys since, currently awaiting radiotherapy however what I'm looking for is something to put on or use on my scar, I've never used anything before, thanks for any advice x

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    Some breast cancer teams do have specific advice for their patients regarding skin care following surgery.

    They are often concerned that some products may interfere with the healing process early on.

    Most teams will give ladies a timeframe about when they can start applying moisturiser to their scar.

    If you’ve been given the go ahead to start using moisturiser then we would suggest that an emollient cream or oil will be safe.

    The specific brand will be a personal choice, but some women will start with products that are promoted for sensitive skin or for use on dry skin or fragrance free while other women will choose to use their favourite moisturiser straight away.

    Using a massage technique to apply your products can be helpful in keeping scars supple.

    I hope this information is helpful but please get back in touch if you have further questions.

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