Daily Fruit Juice Intake

Dear Nurse

I have recently been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and have altered my diet in accordence with this.

I now eat more vegetables than I used to but due to a dislike of fruit, I have now started drinking fruit juices either blended by myself or store purchased but all 100% pure juice.

My question concerns my daily intake of juice. I was under the impression that due to fruit containing natural sugars I would be ok to have a reasonable amount of juice per day but after glancing through the Cancer Research website it states I should only consume 150ml of juice per day because of it sugar content. I have reduced my sugar intake in my diet, and only use sweeteners, and rarely consume products with added sugar. I have been drinking three small glasses (250ml) of juices per day  pomegranate(POM), self blended blueberry and a banana/strawberry smoothie purchased from the shop so I am concerned that this sugar intake maybe worsening my condition.

I would be most grateful if you confirm what a safe limit of fruit juice intake is? I realise that as with vegetables, fruit contains  antioxidents that are an essential part of any cancer patients diet.

I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

Kind regards.


  • Hi Darren

    Thanks for getting in touch. I can appreciate your concerns about your daily fruit juice intake.

    The NHS recommends that a 150mls of fruit juice counts as 1 portion of your recommended 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables. The Association of UK Dietitians talks through the reasons behind this further.

    You won’t have worsened your condition with the amount you have been taking. Cancer research UK have further information on sugar and cancer that might be helpful to read.

    If you are eating a diet that is high in fibre that also helps to break down the natural sugar that you are consuming but you may want to take it down to within the recommended 150mls a day.  

    Hopefully this makes it a bit clearer for you.

    Best wishes and take care


    Cancer Information Nurse Specialist.