Glucose drinks and protein shakes

I am due to have surgery in just over 1 week.

I have been given bottles of glucose drinks that I have been told to take before.

I have also been advised that I am expected to drink several protein shakes after the operation.

I follow a strict  no processed sugar diet, which having looked at the ingredients of both are laden with ingredients that will make me very poorly. Having eaten like this for some time, the smallest amount of sugar in any form gives me palpitations, migraine and very hyperactive.

Are you able to offer a suggestion of anything else I could take instead.? My body would be stronger with real food, real protein instead of synthetics when recovering.


  • Hi Birdie22,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    You don’t mention what surgery you are about to have, or why supplements have been recommended.

    It sounds like you have been asked to take additional nutrition to help prevent stress on the body during surgery. This in turn will aid your recovery afterwards. Is that your understanding?

    The drinks and shakes are taken to boost your nutrition, at a time when you may not feel like or be able to eat normally. Even though you would prefer to take your usual diet, this might not be possible.

    I hear how difficult a variation from your strict diet might be for you. Especially if you expect to feel unwell as a result of taking these supplements.

    Can I suggest that you discuss your concerns with your cancer team, who I hope will be able to reassure you.

    I hope this is helpful, and remember you can also call us on the helpline if you want to talk things over with one of the nurses.  We are open 8am to 8pm every day.

    Take Care


    Cancer information nurse specialist

  • HI Kirsty, 

    Thanks for the reply. I rang the nurses today and explained and it's fine.

    As long as I am super hydrated and eat good proteins etc before hand I should be fine. 

    Double nutribullet here we come!!