Hi, my mum has a cyst on her ovary about the size of an orange. She also has Ascites. Her stomach grew to the size of being 9 months pregnant. She is 66 and Chinese origin. We are waiting for biopsy results that will take a few weeks. Does having Ascites mean that she has cancer; it’s spread and the prognosis is likely to be very poor? She is back home with a catheter and bag to catch the fluid being drained. Thanks 

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    It’s natural to feel worried about what your mum is going through just now and fear a cancer diagnosis.

    As nurses on this platform we can’t diagnose a cancer. The biopsy result will determine if the cyst is benign or cancerous. Ascites can form for other reasons not related to cancer e.g. liver cirrhosis, heart disease. If you are worried about your mum’s condition don’t hesitate to give the team at the hospital a call and chat things through.

    We know waiting for test results can be such a difficult time as it’s easy for the mind to go off in all directions looking for information. We would advise not looking at Google for answers as the information can often be misleading and increase the anxiety.

    If you want to chat this through with one of our nurses, then give us a call on the Macmillan Support Line.

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    Lorraine-Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist