I have melanoma on the sole of my foot. Have had excisions and laser  and also sessions of topical treatments over the last 2 and half years. Have spoken to doctor at Grayson cancer center in Glasgow about immunotherapy, which not in favour of. Possible amputation to be discussed.Have you any views

  • Hi c0ckapoo,

    Thanks for getting in touch during what sounds like a difficult time.

    Treatment decisions are never easy, but harder still when a possible option is amputation.

    Your cancer team will consider carefully all options open to them, before suggesting their preferred treatment. They do this, by considering the benefits and disadvantages of the treatment they offer.

    Sometimes when doing this, they will consult with another specialist team.

    If you would like a second opinion, you can ask your cancer team to refer you. Worth remembering, that this will usually delay the treatment being offered.

    As I am not part of your specialist team or involved in their discussions, it is impossible for me to give an informed view about their decisions.

    I understand the emotional impact this is having on you. Your skin cancer nurse specialist is available for additional support and can talk through your concerns. This is more valuable to you, as they have access to your notes.

    If you have another questions, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch on this platform or by calling us on the support line.

    Best wishes and take care,


    Cancer information nurse specialist