womb cancer question,

I have had post menopausal bleeding,didn't know at first if it was from bladder or womb but pretty sure its the womb now, my gp sent fast track apt ,it wasn't a load but still worrying,I  have read symptoms of womb cancer and have most of them,low abdominal ache, low backache (I also have severe IBS so put all the symptoms  down to that) for the last 9months aching top and side and groin of my left leg that goes down to my calf making it hard to sleep(I put this down to sciatica) I had D&C 13yrs ago after post menopausal bleed and abdominal scan 10 years ago,how long does it take womb cancer to develop.I'm 67yrs and had last smear 2yrs ago.Thank you.

  • Dear JeanMH,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us at what must be a worrying time for you.

    It’s understandable that you’re concerned that if cancer is confirmed, how long it might have been there. It’s not unusual for people’s mind to go into overdrive at this stage and try to piece things together. But it’s important to try and take things one step at a time and wait until you have some more information.

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to diagnose a womb cancer from a cervical smear test. This test is used to identify cancer cells in the cervix, and doesn’t look as far as the womb. It can be quite difficult for doctors to know how long a cancer may have been growing for.

    I know it’s easy to say but try and focus on the next step and not look too far ahead. Waiting for tests and results can be the most worrying time and a lot of people describe it as a feeling of being in limbo. If you feel it might help for you to talk things through, or you’d like some more information or advice, please don’t hesitate to call our support line. We would be happy to hear from you.


    Best wishes

    Alison P

    Cancer Information Nurse