Back pain 15 years after LD reconstruction

Hi, I had full mastectomy 15years ago and LD recon 12 months later. I did not have any other treatment apart from HRT (Tamoxifen). I am 60 years of age and very active. However, I have started experiencing muscular pain and spasms in my back (thoracic area) over the past six months and think that this could be due to lack of strength i.e. no LD muscle on left side. Are you aware if this is a thing? Does this type of reconstruction cause back problems/pain/spasms as age creeps up?

Random thought............ if this doesn't go away with exercise/muscle strengthening etc. is there an option for a deconstruction and re-placement of the LD muscle? Any idea if this has ever been done? I think I would prefer a strong back  going into my twilight years rather than the perfect bust. I think I would probably have considered other options 15 years ago if I knew my back was going to suffer this bad. My surgeon at that time didn't suggest any other options due to my body shape. 

  • Dear Gill1312,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us, and welcome to our online community.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are suffering with back pain. It’s difficult to say whether this could be a result of your mastectomy and reconstruction. However, this type of back pain is often caused by muscle strain or injury and poor posture over time.

    We would always suggest that any new symptom such as back pain is assessed by a medical professional. You could ask your GP to be referred to a physiotherapist who may be able to work on strengthening the muscles with you.

    It’s unlikely that a replacement of the LD muscle would be possible, but deconstruction or reduction may be an option if the weight of your implants is causing pain and discomfort. This could be something to discuss with your GP or physiotherapist if strengthening is unsuccessful.

    This is something that is clearly causing you significant discomfort and affecting your quality of life. You don’t need don’t suffer in silence, make an appointment to see your GP and they will be able to refer you to other professionals who can help.

    I hope this information has been helpful but please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you need any further advice or support.


    Best wishes

    Alison P

    Cancer Information Nurse