Prostate cancer ED Treatment

I have had treatment for prostate cancer RT completed  March 2020, along with ADT last implant Feb 2020, used by body May 2020. Since then I have had no erections and no libido. 

What is the process for getting any professional support for this problem. 



  • Hi Will

    Thanks for contacting Macmillan Cancer Support and welcome to the online community.

    Recent guidance, recommends early intervention and a choice of five treatment options in order to give men the best chance of recovery:

    • an appropriate choice of medication, including a daily low dose of tadalafil (Cialis®)
    • vacuum pumps
    • access to a NHS/HSC erectile dysfunction clinic
    • access to psychosexual clinics
    • counselling

    We would advise that you speak to your specialist nurse or GP about how this is affecting you. Please note that the waiting list can take some time.

    You might find this information about treating erectile dysfunction after radiotherapy and androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) helpful to read.

    I am glad to see from your profile that you already joined our prostate cancer support group. Support from others going through similar experiences can make such a difference to you at this difficult time.

    If you think it would help Prostate Cancer UK offer one-one support. They will listen to your issues and concerns and share their own personal experience to support you.

    You are more than welcome to contact the support line and chat with one of the nurses. We are open 7 days a week from 8am till 8pm. Our number is 0808 808 0000.

    Best wishes


    Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist