hi i had a wide local excision last Wednesday i had a look for the first time today and i noticed that the area  about 2 inches  by 3 inches around the stitches which is about half an  inch looks quite red and hot i cant see any pus should i get this checked

 i thought it might of been due to the hot weather plus i came on my period quite heavy 2 days after surgery 

  • Hi Emerla,

    Thanks for getting in touch. 

    After surgery for VIN, it can be normal to notice some redness or swelling as you start to heal.  If the area is hot this could be a sign of infection and needs to be assessed.  An infection doesn’t always need to have pus or discharge present. 

    We would recommend that you contact your treatment team or GP today to have your symptoms assessed.  It is always better to get symptoms such as redness or heat properly assessed, just in case it is an infection.

    NHS Gateshead have produced discharge advice following a wide local excision which you may find useful.

    I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you need further advice.


    Best wishes,

    Mandy (Cancer information nurse specialist).