Waiting for biopsy results

I attended Breast Clinic on Thursday after GP referral.

The first breast nurse who examined me said the lump felt round, smooth and mobile and "probably just a cyst".

I went through for ultrasound. Dr at first thought it was a gristly lump but said would do biopsy to check. Just before biopsy she decided to do a mammogram (I'm 39 so normally outside screening age). Came back in for biopsy, she took 2 samples from the lump and one from my armpit. This alone worries me as I'm concerned they suspect lymph node involvement.

After biopsy I saw surgeon who has booked me an appoinment for results next Wed. He has said I can bring someone with me and that they are treating my case seriously. The Macmillan nurse said she would be there next week too. 

Am I reading too much into the fact the Macmillan nurse will be there or is that standard practice, even if it's good news? Not sure if the surgeon knows more than he is letting on or if he genuinely has no idea what we're dealing with until the results come through. The fact he said they're treating it seriously just keeps going over and over in my mind and I'm struggling to think about anything else! 

  • Hi Sez81,

    Thank you for getting in touch. I can only imagine how worried be when the breast surgeon has said that they are treating your case seriously.

    It is not unusual to have biopsies taken from both the lump and the lymph nodes. It does appear that they have seen something of interest on the mammogram. However, this alone does not mean that it is a cancer diagnosis.

    Having a Macmillan Nurse present in your follow up appointment will not be unusual. This nurse will be a clinical nurse specialist who specialises in breast care. Her training has been funded by the Macmillan Charity to allow her to specialise in the area. As Macmillan have funded her training she will have the title throughout her career. She will be in the appointment to make sure you understand the outcome of your biopsy results and answer any questions you may have.

    The surgeon will be able to look at the mammogram and ultrasound and gauge some information as to what is going on. Biopsies will tell them if it is cancer and this will allow them to start planning your treatment options. Having someone with you will allow who ever you are with to take in any information given to you, as that experience can be overwhelming.

    It is only natural that you are struggling to think about anything else. You will be feeling an array of emotions until you find out your biopsy results. You may find speak to one of our nurses helpful. We can take the time to talk through how you are feeling and hopefully give you some reassurance.

    Best wishes and take care,


    Macmillan Cancer Information Nurse