Breast cancer

Hi also how long after having chemo can you have your hair coloured . 
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    It’s usually best to wait at least 6 months after chemotherapy finishes to colour your hair.  The reasons for this are the hair and scalp can be very sensitive and fragile, especially after chemotherapy.  Permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes could further irritate your scalp and the new hair that is growing back.

    You could chat to your hairdresser about using a henna or vegetable-based dye as these can be much gentler to the hair and scalp.  They would still require a patch test to check for any sensitivity problems.

    My New Hair have a fantastic booklet which offers advice on hair and scalp care after hair loss. The 3rd chapter of the booklet focuses on hair care after treatment which you may find helpful.

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    Cancer Information nurse specialist.