Breast cancer

Hi , I’ve just finished chemo and radiotherapy I’m now having immunotherapy till January . I was wondering if it was safe to have Botox . 
thank you xxx

  • Hello Mochi,

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    Immunotherapy acts against cancer cells as well as healthy cells, by boosting the body’s natural defences against cancer. There are different types of Immunotherapy, but all can cause side effects.

    As Botox is a therapy that contains the active substance Botulinum toxin type A, it is not without risk. Botox treatment is not recommended if you are unwell for any reason, and it is known to cause flu like symptoms which might have an impact on treatment.

    Unfortunately, we are not part of the NHS and do not have access to the NHS records, we would advise to contact your hospital team and discuss this with them further. They can look at your specific details and will be best placed to give you advise and support with your inquiry.

    I hope this is helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us on the support line if you have further questions.

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    Cancer Information Nurse Specialist