Rectal cancer free but leaking from stoma bag and bum

Is it normal that my breathing and energy are affected? It is taking its toll mentally and I am really battling to stay focused on eating and exercise. I see consultant on 21st August 8 months after my op. I have gained 6 kg recently  but this is slipping back

  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for getting in touch. This sounds like a hard time for you just now. I see from your history you had mentioned breathing problems in May too. 

    We would encourage you to contact your team or GP practice today. There can be a number of reasons for becoming out of breath so it’s important to be assessed. Low energy levels can be commonly associated with breathlessness, they often need to be addressed in combination with one another. This can sometimes also involve having bloods checked for anaemia or having a chest x-ray done. But only a health care professional who can assess you will decide if these are needed.

    I wonder if you have spoken to your consultant or GP about the other symptoms you mention, with regards to the leakage? Please don’t think you have to wait till August to contact your hospital team. It is good to let them know about any new or worsening symptoms. That way they can decide if they need to see you sooner, and it saves you having to put up with uncontrolled symptoms for longer than necessary.  If you have a stoma nurse or a colorectal nurse specialist, and they are available, they might be able to help.  Let them know about your weight slipping too, and if needed they may be able to arrange some support from a hospital or community dietician.

    We do have information about managing breathlessness , fatigue(tiredness) and changes in weight . There’s lots of hints and tips there to help but it it’s not a replacement for seeking medical advice.

    If after you have spoken with a doctor, you’d like to contact us again, we’ll be able to give you more information and see what other support we can offer you. You’re welcome to call our support line and speak to our cancer information nurse specialists. We’d be happy to hear from you.

    If we can help further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Take care, Linda (Cancer Information Nurse Specialist)