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Prostrate cancer

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I am 50yrs old of African origin. My recent blood test showed a raised PSA. MRI didn’t show any image of it. Biopsy was conducted and the doctor said it revealed aggressive prostrate CA. X-ray was done to rule out any effects on bone and it came out negative. Surgery was decided to remove prostrate gland. Best choice was keyhole surgery. Had a session with the robotic surgeon and he requested a CT. the consultant carried out examinations of my tommy and prostrate and said prostrate felt soft. I could detect a little bit of doubt in the consultant’s voice. It seems he wasn’t convinced I have prostrate CA. That rather I may have infections. He did write me ciprox. Well, blood text on that day of my visit showed a more higher PSA. My worries now is that do I really have CA? I am worried about surgery. What further investigation is available to be absolutely sure there is CA as I do not have any symptoms. 

Alison P - Macmillan

Hi Osas,

Thank you for getting in touch with us and welcome to our online community.

It sounds like you’ve been through a lot recently, and it’s not surprising that you are having some concerns about what is happening.

One of the first warning signs for doctors that Prostate Cancer may be a possibility is a raised PSA level. However, a raised PSA level alone isn’t enough to diagnose cancer. There can be many other reasons for these levels to be high, for example, a urine infection or a recent biopsy.

However, the only way to find out for certain it is cancer, is to have a biopsy. This is also how they can tell how aggressive the cancer is. It’s important to remember that you can have a small aggressive cancer that is contained in the prostate. Having an aggressive cancer does not always mean it’s advanced or spread. There are other tests, but a biopsy is the most definitive test to determine if you have cancer.

It’s unclear why the surgeon may be uncertain of your diagnosis, particularly as a biopsy has given positive results. It might be worth contacting him and asking these questions directly.

You mention that you don’t have any symptoms. This can be quite normal, particularly if your prostate cancer is small and contained. They may be recommending surgery due to the cancer being aggressive and therefore could grow quite quickly if not dealt with. Your Gleason score might be able to tell you more about how your cancer is behaving and the rationale behind the treatment decision.

I hope this information is helpful for you, but please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you need further information or support. You may also find it useful to talk to one of our nurses directly on the support line.


Best wishes


Alison P

Cancer Information Nurse

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Hi Osasa,welcome to the club.I have read your post and your experience do not appear proper.

If you had a biopsy with a MRI over lay, this would have been a target biopsy which would be

grades into a Gleeson score.The MRI should also have shown where this was located in your prostrate

and if it had spread outside the prostrate.to confirm if it has spread outside you would need a nuclear

scan where they inject a radiation substance into your system.If the cancer is confined to your prostrate

you can have a new type of treatment which kills all of the cancer cells.This is called AndoKnife where

they put a number of electrodes around the cancer and 2000 volts of electricity which causes the cancer

cells to burst and die.You have the procedure in the morning and you are discharged in the evening.I had

prostrate cancer Gleeson 4-5=9 score and PSA 24.My PSA is now below 1 and everything is working with no

side effects.I was offered all of the other options but rejected them because of the side effects.I wish you good

luck and please google :AndoKnife for more information.