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Effect of chemotherapy on scar site and reconstructed breasts.

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I’ve just had my 3rd (& final) EC with 3 DC to follow.

My question is, is it expected to feel sharp shooting pains around the scars and in the surrounding tissue after a full lymph node removal and bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction? The pains are more noticeable straight after my chemo and does dissipate during the third week.  My chemo was recommended as a “belt and braces approach” after large grade 3 tumours were found in both boobies and 2/17 lymph nodes. Is it the chemo doing it’s job? 

I have spoken to the chemo nurse today and asked that my oncologist provide me with an opinion but would appreciate your view. 
many thanks 


Kat - Macmillan
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Hi Clare,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the online community.

Congratulations on finishing your EC and may I wish you good luck for the rest of your journey.

I am sorry to hear that you are in some pain after you have had your chemotherapy. One of the rare side effects of the combination of these two drugs is that it could cause some nerve pain. As you have had a reconstruction and you are feeling some pain after chemotherapy it could be your nerves are being affected whilst they are possibly still healing. However, it is difficult as nurses on this platform to say exactly what could be causing this pain.

I am glad you have spoken to your Nurse Specialist and have asked your Oncologist for their opinion on this. It is important that someone review your reconstructions to ensure there are no other obvious reasons for the pain you are experiencing.

Are you taking any pain relief during the time your breasts are sore? If not, speaking to your breast care nurse will be helpful as she will be able to guide on how to manage your pain.

If you would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the Support Line on 08080 808 00 00.

Again, I would like to wish you good luck for the rest of your treatment.

Best Wishes and Take Care,
Cancer Information Nurse Specialist