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Hi, i reasently had what appeared to be a clonic seizure without the tonic bit. I have let my medial team know..but i was alone in the house and will be alone if it happens again. I have absolutely no support, noone I could have called.even if i had been able. I was woozy and cofused for over 24 hrs later..it was at 3pm on Monday..only felt better on wed morning.

Ive never had anything like this before to say im terrified is an understatement.

I have tried speaking to the epilepsy society..nohelp.

Same with the brain trust.

Looked at alarms.. woukdnt be able to us one untill too late.

Even looked for a support dog without success.

There are free alarms available for children and the elderly..but i woul have to pay an extortionate amount for one.

This isnt safe, in my own home let alones when i have to resart the 3weekly 3 hr journey to my hospital.

Are you able to help