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Running out of Medication.

pickled cucumber
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Since October 2018.  I've been on the medication Letrozole 2.5 mg. I've had no side effects, and everything has been excellent. I have all my medication delivered to me by my Chemist.

For some reason, I was under the impression that I had another box of Letrozole. In my medication cupboard. To my horror, I've discovered that I only have four {4.} tablets left.

I've ordered a new supply from my Chemist. But,  with this being a long-Bank-Holiday -weekend. I can't realistically expect my new amount of Letrozole for another week.  I can kick myself with frustration.

When I get my new amount, do I take double the amount to make up for the days that I miss? Or do I take my normal one a day as per usual?

I'm trying very hard not to panic. My mind is racing silly thoughts.

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Hi pickled cucumber

Thanks for your question and for getting in touch. I can appreciate your concern about running out of Letrozole.

As OscarTheCatgotmehere said get in touch with your pharmacist and let them know that you are about to run out. Even with it being the holiday weekend they should be able to sort you out with a supply.

You may have done this already and got a supply sorted. Don’t panic this happens a lot for all kinds of reasons so pharmacists are well used to dealing with last minute requests.

If you had to wait, then there is still no need to panic. The half-life of a drug is the term used to estimate how long it takes for a drug to be removed from your body. Elimination of a drug varies from person to person due to factors like age, weight, other medications taken, or other medical conditions present, also kidney function, liver function etc. Therefore, half-life is used as a guide or an estimate of how long it may take for the drug to be removed from the body.

This means that if you had to wait a couple of days you would still have a level of protection.

Hopefully you already have this sorted but if not get on the phone to your pharmacy today.

Best wishes and take care.

Fiona Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist

pickled cucumber
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Dear Fiona.

I wont to thank you for your very thoughtful and calming reply. Your response was so full of common sense.


I felt much better just by reading your advice.


Many thanks.


Pickled Cucumber.