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Good afternoon

I hope you can help.  My husband Pete has renal cancer and had his left kidney removed in January 2019, his left foot has now permanently swollen up.  Pete had a telephone consultation with a GP approximately a week ago who suggested raising his leg as frequently as possible,  but this  has not helped at all.  I was just wondering if you could suggest anything different.

My thanks in advance.


Ellen M-Macmillan
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Hi  (Allison),

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

It’s understandable why you’re wanting to know if there is anything that we could suggest that could help relieve Pete’s swollen foot. But as nurses on this type of platform it is difficult for us to assess why this is happening. We would not want to suggest anything that could make the situation worse.

We would always advice that if anyone has any new, persistent or worsening symptoms that they are reviewed by a doctor.

As Pete’s foot’s swelling has shown no signs of improvement despite the doctor’s advice it’s important that you call NHS 111 today so that he can be assessed.

I’ve noticed on your profile that you had mentioned that Pete was having immunotherapy for his kidney cancer is this still the case?

If so, it’s important that you call his 24-hour contact number to let them know so that he can be reviewed.

Best wishes and take care.

Ellen-Cancer Information Nurse Specialist.