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Stoma prolapse

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I had a stoma Ileostomies in October and whilst in hospital this prolapsed and was pushed back in. I was told that this does happen but for the past 10;days my stoma protrudes by approx 2 inches but does level out again overnight. Is this normal? Thanks for your help

Kat - Macmillan
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Hi Borsari,

Thanks for getting in touch. It’s only natural to worry when something new is happening with your stoma.

As you have had a prolapsed stoma in the past it is not unusual for it to happen again. The size of a prolapse can vary from 2-3cm to 10 cm or more. A prolapse can happen for various reasons- abdominal muscle weakness, increased pressure in the abdomen, heavy lifting etc.

It is not unusual for the stoma prolapse a small amount throughout the day as you are putting more pressure on your abdomen at this time. As you have described overnight your stoma goes back to a normal level this is because you are no longer putting pressure on your abdomen.

It is important that your stoma nurse is made aware of this. The stoma nurse can guide you through how to manage this. There may be different stoma bags available that can prevent a stoma prolapsing during the day.

If your stoma is not functioning properly or you have noticed a change in colour or you have noticed any bleeding it is important that you speak to your stoma nurse urgently.

Best Wishes and Take Care,

Kat Hemphill

Cancer Information Nurse Specialist

Best Wishes and Take Care,
Cancer Information Nurse Specialist
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Thanks for your reassuring advice

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Welcome to forum and I'm sorry that we have to meet under such circumstances but you have found a place that has a lot of people willing to help you.

I hope that Kat has provided enough information to help you manage your prolapse please don't be afraid to contact her again should you have any further concerns

I see that you have already joined our Ileostomy, colostomy and stoma support group and should I be of any help please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm normally available every day to answer any questions you may have to do with your stoma management.


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Sorry to pursue this. When the prolapse pops out in to the bag after a few hours this feels heavy and pulls on the bag - any suggestions as to how this can be avoided? Thanks again

Mandy - Macmillan
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Thanks for getting back in touch.  I hope you found the advice from Kat helpful and have managed to contact your stoma nurse.

It’s essential you contact them for a review so they can properly assess you.

Your stoma nurse may be able to recommend a special pouch or support garment that can help you feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Colostomy UK have produced an article with some tips to help look after a prolapsed stoma which you may find interesting.

Best wishes,


Cancer Information Nurse Specialist.