We understand that people with cancer are worried about coronavirus. Here is the latest guidance. We will update it regularly.

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Self isolation for Covid-19 because of previous chemotherapy

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I'm not clear if the guidelines on Covid-19 regarding restricting contacts apply to me.

I'm 68 and have had 3 operations for bowel cancer (hemicolectomy in 2013 and 2 liver resections for secondaries in 2016 and 2018). I had a course of chemotherapy (Folfox) after the second resection that finished in Jan 2019. As result I still suffer from peripheral neuropathy and fatigue. I am on 3 monthly CT monitoring, but to date everything is clear.

Am I considered to be in the 'at risk' group for the virus?

Elise - Macmillan
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Hello Eugene-Chiswick

Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to our Online Community.

For most people, the immune system returns to normal within a few weeks of completing chemotherapy.

This does vary depending on lots of other things, which is why the current government advise is that people should consider themselves “at increased risk” if they have completed chemotherapy within the last 3 months.

EVERYONE in the UK has been advised to adopt social distancing measures and until this advice changes, we should ALL be adhering to this advice.

Only your consultant can offer specific advice about your risk factors particularly because you have ongoing fatigue and the impact of having had liver surgery.

But to err on the side of caution, we would suggest you follow the social distancing advice particularly carefully and keep up to date with the NHS advice as it very likely to change in the days ahead.

Best wishes and do take care,

Cancer Information Nurse Specialist