We understand that people with cancer are worried about coronavirus. Here is the latest guidance. We will update it regularly.

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Meyolma and coronavirus

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Hi I have myeloma had chemo and now it's dormount at the mo. I just wondered should I self isolate my  self now . I also have lived corroded and key stage 3/4kidney failuor. Am 59 .live on my own.

Linda - Macmillan
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Thanks for getting back in touch. It’s understandably a worrying time just now, so it’s only naturally to wonder what to do for the best.

I see from your previous posts it’s been a few years since your diagnosis and the myeloma is under control. I’m not sure when you last had chemo, if this was in the last few months it might make you more vulnerable. But if it has been some time and your bloods have been good this shouldn’t pose the same risk to you.

Because of your other health problems, if we use the information from the UK Government you would be regarded as having an increased risk of severe illness if you were to have the Coronavirus. Kidney Care UK and the British Liver Trust concur with this.

This does not mean you are at a higher risk of getting the virus. But it might influence how you will be affected if you do.

It has been recommended that we all follow social distancing guidelines and people who have an increased or higher risk of becoming significantly unwell are more stringent.

For those regarded as having a high-risk there will be further instructions from the Government. But at the moment we would encourage to keep up to date with any changes from both the NHS and UK Government website.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Take care, Linda (Cancer Information Nurse Specialist