I was diagnosed with a DCIS after routine breast screening. 

I had several mammograms at the hospital and a stereostatic core biopsy and a titanium clip inserted.

I then saw the breast care nurse who gave me an appt for surgery for a lumpectomy and to see the Dr in a weeks time. 

Before I saw the consultant I had some more mammograms.

When I saw the consultant he said he was in a dilemma because the titanium clip had moved and the calcification had been removed by the biopsy and therefore cancelled my surgery. I was fuming why couldn't they of just left it alone and done surgery.

He gave me 3 options.

Sit and wait for my 6 month check up and see if there were any changes. 

Radiotherapy but i can't have it again at the same site.

Mastectomy of which he said was drastic action.

So I chose the first option of which i do not know whether it was the right one to chose. 

I now feel like ive got nothing to hold onto to reassure me that this DCIS has gone away and is not going to reoccur while i wait here for my 6 month check up. 

Next appointment in May 

  • Hi FIFI48,


    Welcome to the online community and thanks for your post.


    Everyone can be affected by a cancer diagnosis and its treatments in so many ways. People deal with the emotional and physical side of thing in so many ways. I can only imagine what you are going through right now.


     DCIS is a very early form of breast cancer and we can’t give a hundred percent guarantee, but it would be highly unlikely that this would progress in a more invasive type of breast cancer.

    We would always advise anyone in this situation to go back to your treatment team to discuss your concerns further. I’m sure your consultant would not give you the option of waiting for six months if they didn’t think this was a safe option for yourself.

    Your treatment team would have the best understanding of your situation and should be able to give you a greater understanding of your options. This is so you can make an informed treatment choice.


    Remember it’s you that makes the final decision. Your treatment teams job is to explain your options in way that you understand. This is so you do what is best for you and what would make you feel as comfortable as possible. No matter what anyone says, or do you will worry about this. You must explain to them how this is affecting you, so your treatment team can give you the best possible support possible.


    If after discussing how you are feeling with your treatment team, you remain unsure. You could discuss having a second opinion with your GP. Which may help put your mind at rest.


    It may be helpful to look at Breast Cancer Now especially the section titled Support for you. They can put you in contact with trained volunteers who may have been in a similar situation to you.


    If you think it may be helpful why not give us a call so we can discuss things further. Or alternatively stay in touch via our on-line community or contact one of our drop in centres in your area.