Definition of Stage 4

My husband has metastatic lung cancer as the cancer has penetrated the wall of the lung.                 He is having immunotherapy which is having a positive effect on the tumour.                                         Does this mean my husband has Stage 4? Thanks

  • Hello mtmurray,

    Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to our Online Community. I hope you’ll find the support from others helpful and a source of comfort for you.

    I’m glad to read that your husband’s immunotherapy treatment is having a positive effect and I hope he is feeling well.

    As you know, lung cancer stages go from 1 to 4. The stage of a cancer describes it’s size, position and if it has spread.

    Stage 4 lung cancer means the cancer has spread and is divided into Stage 4A and 4B.

    Unfortunately, as nurses on this type of platform we can’t confirm someone’s stage of cancer as we are not part of your husband’s clinical team and don’t have access to his medical records.

    Your husband’s doctors or clinical nurse specialist (CNS) will know the stage of his cancer and will be able to answer this question for him.

    When someone you love has cancer it can feel overwhelming and I hope you are managing to take some time for yourself. It’s easier said than done I know, but please get back in touch if you have further questions or think about calling the support line to talk things through.

    Best wishes,


    Cancer Information Nurse Specialist