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Two stage Wide Local Excision

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Hello there I have been booked in for  a WLE and last week I had a pre visit with the surgeon.  I have just had the dates through for the procedure and it will be happening in two stages each a week apart.  The melanoma was on the inside of my right calf.  Do you know why it might be happening in two stages rather than all in one go?

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Linda - Macmillan
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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for getting in touch. I see you’ve been posting to our melanoma group and I hope you’re finding the support a good help.

It’s difficult for to say why you’ve been given two appointments a week apart. I see has recommended you contact your specialist nurse to find out why from another post. This would be the be the best course of action as otherwise we may all be speculating about the reason.

I’m sorry we can’t be more specific, but we would be interested to know the reason for your situation if you’d like to post back once you know. In the mean time if we can help with any other questions please don’t hesitate to be back in touch.

Take care, Linda (Cancer Information Nurse Specialist)