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IV Vitamin C Treatment & Glioblastoma

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Hi Ellen, 

My dad has been diagnosed with stage IV glioblastoma.  He has had surgery which removed 60% of tumor and is now due to start treatment of Radio & Chemotherapy.

I have read much about the benefits of IV Vit C therapy in conjunction with Chemotherapy and that it can alleviate symptoms of nausea, tiredness etc.  I cannot find anywhere in Northern Ireland where this treatment is available, do you know of anywhere?

Also, if IV  Vit C treatment is not available, is there a high dose that can be taken orally that may work also?  I do know from reading that when taken by IV the Vit C goes into the blood stream straight away and works fast and better.

Also, if IV Vit C is taken after Chemo therapy is finished would this also be beneficial?

Any advice on this or other immune type therapies that may help would be greatly welcomed.

Linda - Macmillan
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Hi Millie-Boo,

Thanks for your post and welcome to our online community. I hope your dad’s recovery has been going well. It’s only natural to look at what could help him both during and after treatment.

There has been interest in the use of both high dose vitamin c and other supplements for a number of years now. But, its benefit is not fully understood. This science blog from Cancer Research reports that whilst it might help with some symptoms the side effects from vitamin c, itself, can be significant. It is also advises that there can be a risk that its use can make chemotherapy and radiotherapy less effective. Before being able to recommend this along side standard cancer treatments more research is needed to ensure its safe use.

This American cancer hospital offers a information both about vitamin c and other supplements that might be helpful to read. However, we would always recommend that your dad speaks his specialist team before taking any supplements or making significant changes to his diet.

In general unless a specific diet or supplement is recommended by the clinical team we would recommend following a well balanced diet. Our guidance about maintaining a healthy lifestyle has information about diet and wellbeing . And these resources from Penny Brohn might help to read.

Sometimes being in touch with others in a similar situation can be beneficial, and we have a welcoming brain tumour group that you can join. We also have a family and friends, and carers only group for support too.

I hope this helps and if you have other questions please don’t hesitate to be in touch. If you’d like to call us we’d be happy to hear from you

Take care, Linda (cancer Information Nurse Specialist)