Black dot under daughter's foot


I am worried about my daughter who has a black dot under her foot for a few weeks. Went to gp to suggest to wait for a month. I tried to attach photo. What advice would you suggest please. Kind regards 

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    Thanks for getting in touch with us and welcome to our Online Community.

    My name is Ellen and I’m one of the nurses who work with the Online Community Team. I’ve saw your post to our Work Support Advisors and thought I would pop in and offer you some support.

    We have had to remove your pictures as we are not a diagnostic service. But it’s understandable why you’re worried about your daughter and want information about what to do.

    NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) have this guideline that includes recommendations on the symptoms and signs that warrant investigation and referral for suspected cancer.

    Section 1.7 explains in detail who should be referred and what pathway the GP should use.

    You might feel that your daughter's GP is not concerned enough about her symptoms. If you think they should be more concerned, you can print the information from NICE and this page from Cancer Research about referring to a specialist. It’s okay for your daughter to ask her GP to talk it through with her. Together they can decide if she should see a specialist.

    Best wishes and take care.

    Ellen-Macmillan Online Digital Nurse Specialist.