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Ct scan results

Bud 18
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I was diagnosed with rectul cancer In April 2018.

Had 5 days radiotherapy then August 2018 had Apr surgery. 

Histology report was clear margins lymp nodes clear no spread. 

I had my first ct surveillance scan and it's showed 9mm and 10mm lesion on left lung they haven't said secondary but got to have pet scan.they said it could be a numbers of things but as I have had cancer they have to investigate. 

Feeling very scared and anxious. 

I am so scared 

Bud 18
Linda - Macmillan
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Hi Bud18,

Thanks for getting in touch. I see from your activity you’re in touch others on the online community. Keep posting, the support can be invaluable.

Finding out you have a lesion on your scan is naturally worrying, feeling scared and anxious is normal. This should be temporary, once your doctors understand more about the lesion they will be able to discuss this with you.

Not knowing is often the worst time, as this allows your imagination to take control, and this can increase your anxiety. Many people tell us irrespective of what they are told they feel easier, because they then know for sure what’s happening and if needed have a plan to work to.

As your team rightly say this could be nothing but because of your situation it does need to be looked at in more detail. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for the PET scan. In the mean-time if you can keep yourself busy this can help speed time up, it can often feel as if it’s slowed down when you’re waiting for appointments.

Have a look at the NHS’s Moodzone. There’s lots of hints and tips that might help you get better control of how you’re feeling.


If you’d like to speak with us about how you’re feeling you’re welcome to pick up the phone. Our support-line team are here to help with questions and to see if there’s any other guidance we can offer.

Take care, Linda (Cancer Information Nurse Specialist)