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Warthins Tumour

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I have been diagnosed yesterday with a Warthins tumour but it is benign, I’m waiting on a hospital appointment but just looking for some information about it and if surgery will be done to remove the tumour, I had a breast cancer diagnosis in 2011 , had a lumpectomy and lymph glands removed, radiotherapy and still on Tamoxifen. If surgery is required what approximately is the timescale from diagnosis?

Elise - Macmillan
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Hello Lizzie1958,

Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to our Online Community.

As you rightly say, Warthin tumours are benign tumours of the parotid gland. Evidence suggests the risk of this type of tumour becoming malignant is less than 1%.

Surgery is the most common treatment for a Warthin tumour but your doctor will discuss if this is the right option for you .

As this is a benign condition, it’s possible that the time between seeing a consultant to treatment will fall into the NHS non-urgent referral waiting time which is currently 18 weeks.

NHS England have further information on waiting times.

When you see a consultant, we would suggest asking them about the hospital waiting times and what your specific risk factors are.

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