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Dark spot on labia

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Hi, I have just noticed a dark brown/black spot on my labia majora. It’s about the size of the point of a pencil. It’s not sore, but I had sex 2 days ago and bled at the time and am still bleeding and having heavy discharge. It’s not my period. I was looking to see if I’d been cut anywhere and saw this mark. 

Bill - Macmillan
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Hello, “Icklefran”. I can appreciate that these new symptoms which you’ve noticed are making you worry about the possibility of a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, even though we are experienced cancer nurses, we can’t provide a diagnostic service. The signs and symptoms you’ve mentioned could be caused by several different conditions, but if anyone has symptoms like those described by the Eve Appeal we always recommend that they talk to their GP or attend a well woman clinic. I hope that this information helps and I’d remind you that you’ve already taken a big step by posting your question. – Best wishes, Bill (Cancer Information Nurse)