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Hi I had a routine chest x ray about  8 days ago, just came back 10 cm tumour, right lung. Diagnosed low folic acid, prescription to rectify.  CT scan going to be arranged after weekend and, I'm a 67 yo single gay man

Thanks, I'd welcome any advice


Linda - Macmillan
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch, and welcome to our online community.

Finding out you have a tumour can leave you feeling all sorts of emotions, this is normal. But it’s important remember that it’s still early days, and there won’t be enough information to give you a full diagnosis yet.

Our information about diagnosis and tests might be helpful to read over, to understand more about tests you may be offered.

This information from the NHS offers suggestions about asking questions at your appointment. If you are able, it’s a good idea to take someone to your appointments with you, two sets of ears are always better than one.

It can sometimes feel as if time has stopped when you’re going through diagnosis. If you’re able to keep to your usual routine as much as possible, and keep yourself busy, this can help.

Would it help to give us a call? That way we can ask a bit more about your situation to see what other information can help with. Or, if you have specific questions you can post them here and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Take care, Linda (Cancer Information Nurse Specialist)