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1.8 node in stomach area

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After having surgery and chemo all clear for bowel cancer in December a scan has revealed a 1.8 cm node in my stomach area. Could this be a secondary cancer.

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Hi Holdem,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our online community. It sounds like it has been a tough few months going through your cancer treatment. It’s only natural to worry when having follow-up appointments and tests.

An enlarged node could indicate many things. There can be reasons such as an infection or viruses causing the enlarged lymph node. Your consultant needs to rule out any possible causes for this including an infection or any possible cancer recurrence. To do so this may warrant further tests and investigation to allow the consultant to understand fully what may be happening. Until then there is no way to confirm or deny any possible cancer reoccurrence.

Unfortunately, as nurses we can’t diagnose what is going on. It may be worthwhile making an appointment with your clinical nurse specialist or consultant to discuss the worries and concerns you are having. They are involved directly with your care so are the best people to offer you some clarity as to what may be happening.

I am sorry to hear this is causing you such distress. Trying to deal with the fear of the cancer returning on a day to day basis can be difficult. Talking with your GP may also help if you feel you are struggling.

It might be easier to chat this through with one of the nurses. If so just give us a call on the Macmillan Support Line.

Take care and best wishes


Cancer Information Nurse specialist

Audrey- Macmillan