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Bladder tumour treatment

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After 3 episodes of gross haematuria with clots beginning in January with no UTIs, I have been told I have a tumour in my bladder. It looks like a sea anemone.  The plan was to have TURBT in next 4-6 weeks but the follow up letter says by 10th August. I am worried that this is 8 months after my first bleed. Could the tumour have grown beyond the bladder lining by then? Also, I am told I will not find out the results of pathology on the tumour until 3 weeks later. Why will it take this long? I have asked if the tumour is likely to be benign or malignant but am told this will not be known until after it is examined. Hope you can answer my questions. Many thanks. 

KateG - Macmillan
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Hi Plantaholic1


Thank you for getting in touch. It’s understandable that you have questions, most people do when they are waiting for surgery and test results. Most tumours are slow growing and if your specialist had any concerns they would have arranged for your surgery sooner. We would suggest you contact your specialist’s secretary and ask if you can speak to them to discuss your concerns. 

When you have your TURBT they will also remove some of the cells in the bladder wall as well as the abnormal tissue they have already seen. They are then sent to pathology to be looked at under a microscope, to see if they are abnormal or not. It usually takes around 2 weeks for these results to come back but it can be longer. 

Sometimes it can be good to talk through what’s happening. If you think it would help you can call us free on 0808 808 0000. Our support line is now open 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week. Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

Best wishes,

Kate – Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist.