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using cbd oil, medical marijuana oil to help with managing some of the aspects of ovarian cancer and the chemo treatments

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well, that  pretty well sums it up...we, my wife and i, are looking into the efficacy of treating some of the negative effects of chemo on her and her ovarian cancer... she has just had her first chemo treatment on tuesday past and there are very few effects so far... thank you very much in advance, kevin

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Hi Kevin (Wowzir),

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our online community. I can see you have joined our Ovarian Cancer group and I hope you find it helps speaking to others going through similar experiences to yourselves.

I’m glad to hear your wife has had few side-effects of her treatment. I understand when told of potential side-effects of chemotherapy it can be frightening but please remember there are many medicines to help minimise most of these side-effects.

If she experiences any side-effects, don’t hesitate to contact her treatment team who can prescribe medication to minimise or even eliminate them.

More people are asking about CBD oil and it’s uses but we as health professionals follow evidence based practice only and unfortunately there isn’t enough scientific evidence to suggest it helps with cancer. We may find out further information in the future, but any studies carried out so far have been too small to become a reliable source of information.

If you consider using CBD oil or any alternative therapies, it’s important to speak with your wife’s treatment team as it can affect how well the chemotherapy works.

If you think it may help, you can also speak to one of our Specialist Nurses on our Support Line.

I hope your wife continues to keep well and remember it’s important to look after yourself too.

Take care and Best wishes

Gail-Macmillan (Cancer Information Nurse Specialist)