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Inverted nipple

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I have been to my doctor's because I have a inverted nipple and a lump in my left breast,I am 55 and my nipples have always pointed out,I now have a appointment on the 28th of may to see the breast clinic, my doctor got me in quick and also have me a leaflet about quick appointment,s and why,also it was about cancer,am worried as all my dad's sisters died from cancer,my mum and dad both died from cancer as well,some of my cousins on my dad's side have had cancer as well, I guess I am wanting to know if what I have could be cancer,and what will be done at the breast clinic.

Thank you.

Ps, hope I have made sense.

Lorraine - Macmillan

Dear Patsy381,

Thanks for getting in touch. I see you are already getting some support from the breast cancer group.

It’s natural to worry when you have been referred quickly to the breast clinic. NICE guidelines advise GP’s that if there are any signs of a suspected cancer then they should refer people within the 2 weeks waiting time.

At the breast clinic, the team will do more tests to work out what is causing the inverted nipple. This does not always mean that the cause will be a breast cancer.

When there is a history of cancer in the family, we can automatically fear the worst for ourselves. Only 5% of all cancers are hereditary. Families can have several members affected by cancer. It only becomes an issue if there are people with the same cancer on the same side of the family. We know that in some cases breast and ovarian cancer can have a genetic link as well as a link between bowel and womb cancer.

Hope this helps

Best wishes

Lorraine-Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist