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19 year old son has testicular cancer but chemo doesnt seem regular

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Hes had about 4 weeks of chemo ( his friend takes him,  he wont let me or his dad go with him)

Apparently he has a  canular in each arm, i believe one of them is treatment for a blood clot they discovered at same time.

He doesnt get an appointment for next chemo while there, the hospital phone him.  He hasnt been now for over a week...

Does this sound normal please?

Its very hard to find anything out. He says he doesnt want a fuss and gets tricky if we ask too much.

Very worried.


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Hello TheresaB,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to the Online Community. This must be a difficult time for you right now. It’s understandable that you will have lots of questions about your son’s treatment.

When someone has cancer it can affect the whole family and it can be a particularly difficult time for parents of young adults.

It might be helpful to talk to you son about your wish to support him and that to give that support you may have questions about his treatment. It can be a hard balance to strike though, can’t it? . You want to support him but also want to respect his right to confidentiality.

Any information from your son’s doctors can only be given with his permission.

There are several chemotherapy regimes that can be used to treat testicular cancer and each regime has a different timetable. It’s common to have periods of time where people do not need to attend hospital during chemotherapy. There can often be gaps of several weeks between appointments depending on the specific chemotherapy regime.

If your son tells you what chemotherapy treatment he is having you will then have a better idea of his schedule.

It’s common for people who are having chemotherapy to have a timetable from the start of their treatment  or to be given their next appointment date when they are at the hospital.

Your son’s hospital may work in a different way and use a telephone system.

You could consider contacting the hospital PALS team to ask a general question around their chemotherapy appointment system .

We would hope that your son is being kept up to date about his treatment, asking questions isn’t making a fuss.

Remember, you are welcome to call the Support Line to talk things through in more detail.

We also  have a data base of local support on our website called “In Your Area”. You can have a look at local face to face support for you  if you think that would be helpful.

Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have further questions .

Best wishes and take care,


Cancer Information Nurse Specialist