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Worried about my wife

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Hello goodhubby

i am I think a good wife struggling to come to terms with seeing my good hubby suffering so badly with his unknown primary cancer.

i scream in my home, scream, scream and scream again.  Just don’t know what to do with myself.  Hubby is in respite care inthe hope he can get stronger and me be rested to have us both back together.  I am scared of losing him, scared of letting him down. He is worrying each night and getting anxious and confused - should he be there should he be home questions questions questions.

i feel for you so much and understand how you feel, can only say enjoy that lovely wife of yours every minute you have her.

i have passed local church and thought about popping in but worry might not be welcomed, not being a church goer.  Where to turn to, I don’t know.  There are no good answers are there. We just have to dig deeper within ourselves to get the strength to handle this nightmare.

take care of yourself, not easy to want to but we have to be sensible I guess.

night night

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I went to my local church when I was wandering aimlessly crying and I went in at morning prayer time. 

I know the vicar but he knows I am not a regular church goer but he and the lay preacher welcomed me and included my wife in the morning prayer.

They sat with me in church and allowed me to cry and talked so very easily with me.

It did me the power of God and I believe there is help and I just wanted to sit with his and pray.

Go to you church they will not turn you away even though I wasn't afraid to be angry at God.

We will try anything to help our loved ones.

Big hugs to you.


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Thank you