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Bowel cancer

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Completely freaking out which is just not helping. I've been referred for a ct colonoscopy but not for another week. My symptoms have got worse and struggling with feeling sick and not being able to eat as much and have lost 6lbs in 4 weeks. Should I go back to the Drs or just wait for my appointments? 

Many thanks 

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Hi Anxious33

Thanks for your question and welcome to the online community. I can see that you’ve already joined our supportive bowel cancer group.

It’s difficult to not panic when you are waiting on further tests. Anxiety can make us feel sick and in turn not eat so we lose a bit of weight. 6lbs over 4 weeks is unlikely to be due to any cancer and much more likely to be due to your anxiety. Try to keep busy and stay off the internet as much as you can. Eat small amounts frequently rather than trying to have a full meal.

It would be a good idea to give your GP a call to discuss how anxious you are feeling now. They may be able to help find ways for you to cope till your colonoscopy appointment which hopefully isn’t too far away.

If you think talking this through might help, then give us a call on the support line.

Best wishes and take care

Fiona (Macmillan Cancer Information nurse).