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Travel Insurance

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Hello Nurse,

I have had bowel cancer it has been removed and was a sucsess also 1/3rd of my left lunge was removed also a sucsess although it leaves me a little breathless at times,after seeing my Oncologist last Friday the good news was all traces of cancer have gone.

My Question is what would I put on my insurance ( do I not say anything or do I say I have had cancer but its all gone.The reason I am asking is my Good Lady wife is 80 next March and I would like to take her to the USA florida to visit part of the family( she is in good health and only had a mini stroke 10 years ago).

   Yours cincerelly


JaneL - Macmillan
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Hi AlanL08

Thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the online community. It’s very good news that there are now no traces of cancer.

Getting travel insurance can be difficult if you have had cancer in the past. It is best to look for travel insurance as early as possible before you travel. You should try to look for insurance before booking a trip. And you would have to tell them that you have had treatment for cancer, especially as you now have reduced lung capacity. Recent health problems are known as pre-existing conditions.

Travel insurance can be more expensive depending on where you are going. The USA and countries in the Caribbean typically cost the most. Certain types of holiday, such as cruises, can also be more expensive. We have more information here on finding travel insurance or you could give our financial guides a call.

Before booking a trip, you should discuss your plans with your healthcare team. They can advise you on whether it would be safe to travel. Your oncology team or GP may be able to write a letter saying you are fit to travel, which could help you to get insurance. They may be more likely to write this letter if you had cancer treatment more than one year ago. Your doctors would also have to say that you are fit to fly. There is more information about how they would assess you for this from the British Thoracic Society.

 I hope this information is helpful, don’t hesitate to get back in touch. You might find it useful to give us a call.

Best Wishes


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