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nurses contact when you go home from hospital

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l am going in hospital for a voice box removal and part of my food pipe removed. l am going to victoria hospital in Blackpool for op when l am discharged l am going to stay with my daughter for a couple of weeks.the dr at vic said the district nurses and other nurses will come and visit me. the thing is and what l am worried about is my daughter where l am going to stay lives in Preston,will someone still come to visit me.please help me thankyou, Carol

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Hello Carol,

Thanks for getting back in touch.

It’s understandable that you want to make sure everything goes to plan for your discharge from hospital.

I’m pleased that you will be spending some time with your daughter after your surgery, I’m sure that will help with your recovery.

If you have a pre-operation assessment appointment you can let the nurses there know that you will be staying with your daughter in Preston and that any nursing visits will need to be arranged for your daughter’s address.

If that’s not possible then it is important that while you are in hospital you or your daughter speak to the ward nurses to discuss your discharge plan.

Normally, the ward nurses will be the ones who arrange a patients discharge plan and prepare any documentation for GP’s and District Nurses. You should also get a copy of a discharge plan.

It may also be worth speaking to your daughter’s GP to find out about registering as a temporary resident if your own GP does not cover the area where your daughter lives.

It’s important that you know you will have access to a GP following your discharge from hospital.

Once you are ready to go back to your own home and if you still need nursing or other support ,we would suggest making sure that the GP and nurses in Preston pass on any information to your own GP and local district nurses. You should ask for a copy of any written information too.

I hope this information is helpful and best wishes for your surgery and recovery.

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Cancer Information Nurse Specialist