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Pillows post op

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Hi there I am awaiting mastectomy for lobular cancer and my daughter wants to buy me a pillow post op.Could you advise on what sort would be most useful please.She is wondering about v shaped memory foam.Also I get a lot of soreness/discomfort in breast as day goes on.Is this usual?Do you have any suggestions for preventing this.I do like walking/swimming.Is this making it worse do you think?

many thanks Sally

Kelly A - Macmillan

Hi Sally,

Thanks for getting in touch. There’s certainly a lot to think about while you are waiting for your surgery.

It’s not unusual to be more aware of any aches and twinges in your breast after being diagnosed. This does not mean that the breast cancer may be getting worse.  Recovering from a breast biopsy and other causes such as muscle strains could be affecting this.

There is growing evidence that exercise is good for you before, during and after treatment for cancer. However, if you are worried that this may be causing some of the discomfort it may help to speak to someone involved with your care to get reassurance about things.

Maybe keeping a note of when the symptoms appear to be worse may help.

We’d encourage you to get back in touch with your consultant or named specialist nurse. They will be able to offer reassurance and talk through any concerns with your symptoms. They may also have their own preferences about the best pillows to use after surgery.

Some people find sharing experiences with other women in similar situations invaluable. Our breast cancer group on our online community offers this.

I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have any more questions. Best wishes, Kelly (Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist).