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Bum discharge.

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Hi .I had surgery end of November having a large tumor removed from my bum involving a mesh put in to hold things in I had this dangling from my bum.could it bbe part of the sergical mesh or maybe some packing.just wandered if its anything to worry about ?...thanks. 

Ellen M-Macmillan
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Hi Bru88,

Thanks for getting back in touch with us.

Although the community team have removed your photograph I’ve been able to have a look at it before replying. It’s hard for me to say what this is, but you’re right it does look as if it could be either a surgical mesh or packing of some sort.

We would advise that you get in touch with your hospital team and let them know that this has happened so that you can be properly assessed. They will know what this is as they know the type of surgery that you had. They will have a record of the type of packing and mesh that was used and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Best wishes and tale care.

Ellen-Macmillan Online Digital Nurse Specialist.