Zoladex injection

I’ve been having zoladex injections for nearly 2 years, every 4 weeks.

I alternate sides and now use Emla cream. 

The last couple have bruised a bit more than usual. I had one two weeks ago so half way through the 4 week period, I badly bruised externally over a 3” area, the bruise is fading however my lower abdomen is still very sore.

  • Hi chocoholics,

    It sounds as though you have had a rough time with your last few Zoladex injections.  Injury at the injection site is something that they do know can happen. Bruising can be quite common.  However, it sounds as though you are still very sore from it.  It’s best to get along to your doctor as soon as possible and get checked out.  The doctor is the best person to go to, they can examine your abdomen and check you over. 

    I hope this is of help,


    Take care