Increased creatinine levels on Chemotherapy

Hi there

Hubby has been having chemo every fortnight since April 2016 for liver & lungs mets from colon cancer - originally Folfox but due the severe neuropathy the Oxaliplatin was reduced & eventually cut out altogether.

The next scan revealed a growth in the lung mets so he started on Folfiri instead. He's has 5 cycles but his bloods this time show creatinine levels 'through the roof' to quote the nurse.

I live with a kidney condition so I know this is indicative of poor renal function but is this something than can/will reverse or are we looking at possible organ failure doe to the chemo?

My hubby is being typically positive & viewing it as merely a blip - drinking plenty of water & all will be OK.

Appreciate any insight into this - I realise I may be panicking due to a (dangerous) little knowledge.

Many thanks