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Metaplastic breast cancer

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They definitely get a lot more information when they have the whole tumour to look at - also, it is possible to have a mix of different types. I have mostly metaplastic, but there was also some invasive ductal carcinoma as well.  If it is still coming up as triple negative, it probably won’t change your treatment plan too much. Let me know how you get on when you see the oncologist! I am the same as you – I like to educate myself as far as I can before I have the meetings, so I understand what they are talking about as much as possible...

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Well I’ve been to my oncologist appointment and have to say I was pretty disappointed. I had come away from my initial meeting with my surgeon with a really detailed plan (pre-surgery). Even with a “if this happens, the next stage is this” “but if thus happens, the next stage will be this). However, I came away from my oncologist meeting without any detailed info other than the two different types of chemo I’d be having (of which I can’t remember the name EC?), that would be for 3-4 months (once every three weeks). I said from the beginning I would cold cap. However, she then said I’d then undergo weekly chemo on another drug (cannot remember this one) and they don’t offer the cold cap with that so would be pointless trying the cold cap on the initial chemo. As I wasn’t expecting this, I didn’t really question it. I’m also anaemic so on iron tablets which is fine. Which I’m now really annoyed with myself about.

Feel a bit deflated now as I’d got my head around the cold cap (no pun intended ), chemo every three weeks etc etc and knowing what’s what. As you know, I like to come away, research up on my particular info and move on. She was also dismissive of my original diagnosis (might have been a typo she said - really?) and dismissed the medullary like sub group (what is the point in diagnosing a sub group if we don’t discuss the implications). Totally understand that as it’s triple negative, then that’s the focus, however I just felt, well, deflated.

So - bit knacked off today

Emma x

Mamma xxx