zoledrenic scid

I am to have six monthly drips to counter bone poutweighedfter bc and on letrozole for five yrs I am 71 18mm mucinous tumour and thrn dcis 2mm foci found during surgical sweep.have had dental check but wonder if the risk of jaw necrosis during this treatment which i find very frightening would be outweighed by the benefits.

  • Hi helen1946,


    Thanks for getting in touch. I understand why you’re frightened about jaw necrosis. This risk is low as it’s an uncommon side effect of zoledronic acid. The benefits of having this treatment generally outweigh the risks. We’d encourage you to talk with your consultant about your concerns. They’ll be able to explain why they’ve recommended this treatment for you and hopefully reassure you.


    It’s great that you’ve already had a dental check as this helps to lower your risk. There was a discussion about this risk with our dentist on the Ask an expert section that could be useful to read through. This leaflet mentioned by our dentist explains the risk and most importantly what can be done to reduce the chance of it happening.


    I hope this information helps. If you think it would be useful to talk through what’s happening and how you’re feeling, we’re available on our free helpline number 0808 808 0000 between 9am and 8pm from Monday to Friday or get back to us here. Best wishes, Karla (Macmillan Cancer Information Nurse).