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We know exactly what you mean X 

Cancer may start the fight but you can finish it

Karla S- Macmillan
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Hi  many thanks for reply my cancer was invasive ductual grade 2 size 20cm.sentinel node was positive therefore they removed 16 others which were clear.  I am waiting for oncoptype results do you think chemo will be required

regards jill,

Hi Jill,

Thanks for getting back in touch. I see you’ve asked a few questions so I’m going to answer them all now in this post.

I know you’re keen to find out whether chemotherapy’s needed, waiting for results can be really (really) painful. Unfortunately I can’t say what the Oncotype DX test result will be and couldn’t guess. The reason they’re doing this test is to find out if you would benefit from chemotherapy. If the hospital team haven’t given you an idea of when the results will be available, it might help to ask. Then you’ve got a date to aim for and this can help reduce any anxiety you might be feeling.

It’s difficult for us to say how long chemotherapy might take as many different types of chemotherapy can be given over varying lengths of time. Most people who need to have chemotherapy will receive 4-8 cycles and this takes around 4-8 months to complete. This information from Breast Cancer Care explains when you’ll have your radiotherapy. It’s usually around 28-42 days after the chemotherapy completes but could be a little longer depending on your recovery.

I hope this answers your questions and I can definitely recommend joining our breast cancer group. The information and support provided can be utterly invaluable. And the knowledge that’s shared never ceases to amaze me. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need anything. Best wishes, Karla (Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist).