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Lung Cancer

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If Chemo doesn't work is there a better chance with Radio Therapy. 

Failing all how long can I expect to live, The Cancer has spread to the bone...

KateG - Macmillan
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Hi ,

Thank you for getting in touch, chemotherapy and radiotherapy work in different ways and are often both used to treat cancer.

Chemotherapy is a systemic drug that usually travels in the blood stream and can reach almost anywhere in the body. Whereas radiotherapy works in the specific area targeted. There may be other treatment options depending on the type of lung cancer you have.

I can appreciate that you would like to know what the future may hold for you, however it is usually difficult, even for the most experienced cancer specialist, to accurately predict how long a person is likely to live for (prognosis). This is because each person will be affected differently by their illness. Factors such as how a person responds to treatment, their age, and general health can all influence how long a person may live for. Even two people, with the same type and stage of cancer, can have a different prognosis.

Your specialist maybe able to discuss your prognosis with you as he has all your medical information and test results.

Take Care if you need anything please get back in touch.

Kate (Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist)