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Hi, I have had what feels like cold symptoms on and off for 3 months. Taken paracetamol for week and seems to go then back again. Saw GP he said chest sounds ok, oxygen levels ok throat doesn't look sore and he felt around my neck etc. Had blood test for any underlying infection and that came back ok. Said may be viral that is hard to clear as my system may still be compromised- finished chemo over year ago but still feel bit run down at times. Taking paracetomal 4 X daily plenty water etc for 2 weeks but still feel but chesty and like I have a cold but no cough or sneezes, feel more tired and achey than usual, tho I have aches and fatigue since starting anastrozole last year. Iv checked all the symptoms for secondary's and I don't seem to fit any of them but it is starting to worry me. Gp said to go back if doesn't clear so I will give it another week or so. I had a nuclear bone scan which was clear last year in May as have back pain. Original cancer stage 1 grade 2 breast no lymphs, chemo mastectomy radiotherapy treatments.

Thank you.

Ellen M-Macmillan
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It’s common to feel anxious and worried about your cancer returning. It’s also not uncommon to worry when you don’t seem to be getting any answers to what’s causing your symptoms. We would always encourage someone who has new or continuing symptoms to see their doctor or specialist. Although most symptoms are not cancer related it’s can be difficult to know when to worry and when everything is ok.

Have you thought about speaking to your Breast care nurse for support and advice? Perhaps telling your GP that you’re beginning to worry and feel down at times. This information should help you to get the most from your doctor’s appointment.

You may find our information about life after cancer treatment and things we can do to reduce our risk of cancer returning helpful.

Our Macmillan in your area link may help you access local support as often talking to others can be helpful.

I hope you get the reason for your symptoms soon.

Please get back in touch if you need anything.

Best wishes,

Ellen (Macmillan Information Nurse Specialist)