Welfare Benefits or other allowances I might receive


My Mother is the primary carer for my dad who is in terminal decline with a GlioBlastoma Brain tumour which will cause his death in some months from now. His care is very demanding as he has no mobility, little to no speech, and there are personality disorders to deal with. I have had to leave South Africa where I live and have a small business, currently earning nothing. I have done this because my mum  ( 73) was becoming sick herself, and in any event there is my Father's terminal condition to consider. I am a UK Citizen with a UK passport and I arrived here about a week back.

Im staying with my mum, and i now provide her with relief from his constant care. he has no mobility at all, no speech and also suffers the personality disorder associated with Blastoma and its treatment. 

I would like to know what I might be able to claim here, it appears as if I might get Universal Credit in 3 months, and nothing else, BUT i do NOT wish to adversely affect my mother's situation inadvertantly by claiming an allowance thus deducted from her in return. 

Any confidential advice gratefully received.



  • Hi Cam, is your dad in receipt of Attendance Allowance? There is carer's credit also and I wonder if your mum or you might be eligible for that? Attendance allowance is £80.00 a week for both mobility and care components. The forms are fairly easy to complete and if a GP or other medic completes and sends a DS1500 form to accompany it (which relates to terminal conditions with a limited prognosis in terms of time) then the claim is fast tracked and automatically granted at the higher rate. The turnaround for these fast tracked claims is three weeks at present. It might be worth having a look at CHC funding which he might be eligible for, to pay for his care needs. Again this can be fast tracked. The gov.uk website has information on this. I did a post yesterday in the carers for those with incurable cancer forum on here which covers benefits to some degree. 

    Also, MacMillan and your palliative care team will be able to help too. 

    Hope thats some help. 

  • Thank you very much for this. I will follow up to establish exactly which of these you mentioned are in effect or applied for. And also will look out your other posts.